Stella Antinoi 2016


Today in the Ekklesía Antínoou we celebrate the Festival of Stella Antinoi, or “Star of Antinous.” Stella Antinoi is the day we observe as the first sighting of the star dedicated to Antinous in 131. This star first appeared in the constellation of Aquila, which, as a result, was later named Antinous/Ganymede. This festival  inaugurates the aspect of Antinous as the Navigator. In our own modern Antinoan practices, we recognize three aspects of Antinous: Antinous the Liberator, Antinous the Navigator, and Antinous the Lover. After Foundation Day on October 30th, Antinous assumes his role as Antinous the Liberator and, after facing death and becoming a god, begins his long struggle against the archons, daimones, and forces of oppression.  Today, we see Antinous find “victory” in his role as Liberator and transition to Antinous the Navigator, where he gently and subtly guides us and urges us to use the liberation we have been able to achieve in ways that are beneficial for ourselves and others living in the world around us.

This day can be marked in a number of different ways.  If you are at home at your personal altar, the inclusion of several candles is always nice.  I like to place tea light candles all around the room and offer prayers to Antinous.  Another nice way to mark the day is to find a high spot near where you live where you can observe the stars or even the lights of the city.  And, of course, spoken prayers are always nice.

However you celebrate this festival, may you feel the gentle and present guidance of Antinous in your life, this day and always!!

– Christodelphia Mythistórima (Sister Krissy Fiction)