31 Hymns to Antinous

These 31 Hymns to Antinous were written by Merri-Todd Webster as a devotional offering in May 2015. Naós Antínoou is proud to offer these hymns to devotees of Antinous to use in their devotional practices.  They may be used individually according to topic, or read daily with each hymn corresponding to a day of the month.


Hymn I: In Praise of Antinous


Hymn II: To Antinous the Liberator


Hymn III: To Antinous the Navigator


Hymn IV: To Antinous the Lover


Hymn V: To Antinous-Osiris


Hymn VI: To Antinous-Dionysus


Hymn VII: To Antinous-Hermes


Hymn VIII: To Antinous-Apollon


Hymn IX: To Antinous-Dionysus, Liberator


Hymn X: To Antinous-Dionysus, Navigator


Hymn XI: To Antinous Dionysus the Lover


Hymn XII: To Antinous-Hermes, Liberator


Hymn XIII: To Antinous Hermes, Navigator


Hymn XIV: To Antinous Hermes, Lover


Hymn XV: To Antinous Apollon, Liberator


Hymn XVI: To Antinous Apollon, Navigator


Hymn XVII: To Antinous Apollon, Lover


Hymn XVIII: To Antinous and Hadrian


Hymn XIX: To Antinous and Sabina


Hymn XX: To Antinous and Serapis


Hymn XXI: To Antinous and Diana


Hymn XXII: To Antinous and the Tetrad++


Hymn XXIII: To the Treiskouroi


Hymn XXIV: To Antinous and Mantinoe


Hymn XXV: To Antinous Agathos Daimon


Hymn XXVI: To Antinous Heros


Hymn XXVII: To Antinous Homo Deus


Hymn XXVIII: To Antinous Imperator Pacis


Hymn XXIX: To Antinous Deus Amabilis


Hymn XXX: To Antinous Deus Frugiferus


Hymn XXXI: To Antinous, my god