Thank You to the Temple Raisers!

Blessed Vernal Equinox everyone! What a most welcome day, the turning of the tides towards Spring. I think I can speak for most when I say it’s been one hell of a winter, and that warmer days – and growing days! – will be most welcome and appreciated. Here in the Pacific Northwest it’s unseasonably warm at the moment, and I am totally okay with that.

Today also marks the formal end of our fundraising campaign for the Temple of Antinous hospitality suite at PantheaCon. What a beautiful, harrowing, and blessed journey it has been, and we will certainly be sharing more of what transpired there in the near future. But first, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to those who supported this work in erecting a Temple for the Beautiful Boy. Your support, beloved community, enabled us to create a dedicated temple space for Antinous and our many Gods – a space where we held morning devotionals; where people came and made offerings to Antinous and sought guidance through divination; where conversations were held exploring the advancing of our devotional practices; where we stood witness for members of the community during rites of affirmation, transformation, and healing; and so, so much more.


Our many blessings and thanks to the following individuals and groups who donated to our campaign, and the many more who made donations at the conference itself, who will remain unnamed, though not forgotten! May Antinous and all of your Gods shower you with blessings of good health, good fortune, necessary wealth, love, and great sex (should that be something you desire)!

  • James Alongi
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Kat Camp
  • Richard Cardone
  • Colin Davis
  • B.A. Davis-Howe
  • River Devora
  • Erin Dozhier
  • Darragha Foster
  • Matt Grey
  • Megan Langley
  • Gabriel Malcolm
  • Duffi McDermott
  • George McGeorge
  • Melanie
  • Christopher Moody
  • Angela Moon
  • Anu Morgan
  • Fritz Muntean
  • Pomilla Nobilior
  • Rose
  • Estara Sanatani
  • Jason Stein
  • Thiasos of the Flowering Branch and Other Starry Friends
  • Sarafina Waters
  • Merri-Todd Webster
  • Andrew White
  • Jeff Winter

Hail to Antinous! Hail to the Temple Raisers!

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