Litanies for Antinous

A litany is an ancient form of prayer, repetitive in form, that exclaims the diverse titles, epithets, and virtues of the deity they are addressed to, followed by a singular response, typically in the form of a supplication. Litanies are often performed in a communal or congregational setting, with a call and response from the priest to the congregation, though they can also be performed individually by devotees. The following litanies were written by Merri-Todd Webster, and are addressed to Antinous in His three modern aspects – the Liberator, the Navigator, and the Lover. They can be performed during the season over which that particular Aspect reigns, or whenever a devotee feels the need to call upon Antinous in His diverse forms.


A Litany for Antinous the Liberator

Season of Reign – October 30th (Foundation Day) to January 29th (Stella Antinoi)

antinous (1)

A Litany for Antinous the Navigator

Season of Reign – January 29th (Stella Antinoi) to April 21st (Megala Antinoeia)


A Litany for Antinous the Lover

Season of Reign – April 21st (Megala Antinoeia) to October 30th (Foundation Day)