Naós Antínoou Festival Calendar

The Naós Antínoou is, at its most basic, a collection of individuals.  Observances of holy days and festivals have always been a personalized experience.  While devotees of Antinous do occasionally come together to celebrate a festival or ritual, the majority of practice is often done as a solitary devotee at a home temple or altar.  As such, the Calendar of Festivals presented here is intended as a guide to possibilities for personal practice rather than a universal statement of what should and should not be observed by all devotees of Antinous.

Some of the dates presented here are from the direct histories of the lives of Antinous, Hadrian, or other historical persons, while others are from the traditional Roman, Greek or Egyptian sources.  Some are modern observances or part of the modern Antinoan mythology based on various conjectures and intuitive gnosis.  And some have even been determined by divination or consultation with oracles.

We have labeled and categorized the various festivals and observances.  This categorization is somewhat arbitrary and should not be taken as an absolute proclamation or an official designation.  In fact, some festivals and observances fit into more than one category.  Consider these labels a tool to help individuals sort through and decide for themselves which festivals and observances they want to include in their own practice.  Hopefully this categorization is useful, but a listing of all the festivals and observances without any categorization can be found here:

Each category has a link to a corresponding page that lists all the festivals that fall under that category.  As we update this site with more content you will be able to click on an individual festival and be taken to a page with information and ideas for rituals, devotions, etc .  So check back often!

  • Lesser Festivals are those that many devotees observe that are directly related to the lives and mythology of Hadrian and Antinous, but are not as prominent as the Greater Festivals.  The designation of “lesser” is not meant to indicate that these festivals are not important.  In fact, some of the Lesser Festivals are observed with as much energy and devotion and are considered to be very important and enriching to many.  However, the Lesser Festivals tend not to be as universally observed as the Greater Festivals.
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This calendar can also be viewed [here].

A master list of all the festivals and observances can be found [here].