About Naós Antínoou

Naós Antínoou: A Temple of Antinous is a queer, Graeco-Roman-Egyptian polytheist community dedicated to Antinous, the deified lover of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, related Gods of our tradition, and our divine Queer Ancestors. We provide space for practicing devotion to Antinous, participation in His sacred Mysteries, and together seek the promotion of social and spiritual justice.

We are a collective of Devotees and Mystai (Initiates), individuals spread across the country (although the Pacific Northwest is prominently represented) sharing a love for the Beautiful Boy and utilizing our various skills and interests to grow and deepen our devotion to Him, our Gods, and our Queer Ancestors. We tell stories, we build myth. We write poetry, music,  and hymns. We research history and primary sources to craft rites and ceremonies dedicated to Him. We dive  deep into theology and walk the labyrinthine road of Mystery. We sing and pray – a lot. We engage in activism,  dreaming and  creating a world that is as Beautiful and Just as He is.

If you are interested in being part of this modern Antinous revival, we encourage you to explore this website! Our on-line Temple offers resources for developing regular devotional practices to Antinous, as well as information about His history and our emergent tradition. To reach someone at Naós Antínoou, email us at naosantinoou@gmail.com, find us on our Facebook Page, visit our Group, or use this contact form.

Blessings and welcome!

Ave Vive Antinoe!