A Temple of Antinous at PantheaCon

At this year’s PantheaCon, just three short weeks away, the Naós Antínoou will be establishing a Temple in one of their hospitality suites, a first endeavor of its kind for us. We’ve held rituals there in the past for the Polytheist and Pagan communities, with much success, but have yet to take on such an undertaking, one that requires months of planning and organizing, not to mention the people to do it. After the last PantheaCon, however, and over the course of the past year, members of our local Cascadian Hearth have received strong, unmistakable, and repeated instructions from our Beautiful Boy via divination and oracular spirit work to make His blessings, divine healing, and acceptance available to more people in the LGBTQ+ Pagan and Polytheist world, particularly our trans and queer youth. So, we’re gonna give it a go!

We will be offering a dedicated Temple space to the larger community at PantheaCon, where we will practice regular devotionals to the Gods and Ancestors, provide a safe space for Queer, Trans, and Nonbinary people to meet in friendship and kinship, host classes from respected teachers in the community, and where we will be offering opportunitites for participating in rites of passage for transformation, affirmation, and healing. And if folks take us up on it, we will also be offering dream incubation for interested seekers. We want to provide a sacred and worshipful atmosphere for all who come seeking Antinous and the Queer Divine. To that end, we will also invite  folks to bring statues and images of their Queer and Queer-friendly Gods, and of their Beloved and Mighty Dead, to share in the cultus during the weekend. All  Gods and Divine Beings are welcome to party with Antinous! Just be sure to pick up your personal items before the end of the last night of the conference, cause we certainly won’t have space for them on the trip back.

If you want to support such a space being there at the conference, one of only two or three dedicated Queer spaces at PantheaCon, we’re seeking Temple Raisers. We need your help. We are a small temple, and do not seek to profit from any of our events or rituals. We intend to offer this Temple as a labour of love and devotion to Antinous. Our resources are limited, and we seek the assistance of our LGBTQ+ kin, and of all Polytheists who might be inclined to support this all-inclusive space. Below you can find a link to our IndieGoGo fundraising campaign, where we are offering numerous perks for people who support our work and the Work of our Beautiful Boy. Donations will go towards the cost of the room; the food and other supplies for sacred offerings; the welcome snacks and beverages for our visitors; as well as the travels costs for bringing our Temple furnishings across two state lines.  Anything you can do to lighten our burden will be appreciated and blessed.

Blessings and thanks to you all! AVE VIVE ANTINOE!


Antinous Osiris - Getty Exhibit3.jpg