Hymn III

To Antinous the Navigator

Adrift in the darkness on a sea of confusion,

I look up to you, Antinous.

Lost in the woods in the darkness of a ravine,

I look up to you, Antinous.

Struggling up the mountain toward some better place,

I look up to you, Antinous.

O celestial Navigator,

you are the star that shows the way,

shining amidst the lights of the Water Bearer,

yet you are also the helmsman

of the Boat of Millions of Years,

steering by the brightness of your star.

You are the one who guides souls in life and after life,

bearer of the herald’s staff, yet you are also the one

who guides gods to meet humanity,

for gods desire what is human no less

than humans desire what is divine.

Guide me, celestial Navigator,

through this life on earth, through its darkness,

through its light, in the valleys, on the peaks,

across the waters, through the forests,

then welcome me, I pray you,

into your Boat of Millions of Years.