Hymn V

To Antinous-Osiris

Son of Bithynia, the Nile has made you a god.

Son of Mantinoe, your death has made you one with Osiris.

Osiris has given you the crook and flail and the crowns of the Two Lands.

You are adorned like Pharaoh; your skin is green like the new growth.

Isis has given you new life; you will live for ever and ever.

You are enthroned with the gods of Egypt;

you are a prince in the Am Duat.

You have been justified by the forty-two judges;

your heart is as light as Maat’s feather.

The limbs of your body are the fourteen nights of light;

the beats of your heart are the fourteen nights of darkness.

May your heart live for ever, Osirantinous, Wesar-Antnus!

May you look favorably upon us who pray to you

when we come to join you in the West.