Hymn XI

To Antinous Dionysus the Lover

Who but you is the Lover of all things, Antinous Dionysus?

Who but you has loved so many so intimately?

In mortal life you were the lover of Hadrian,

beloved of an emperor, and lover to your friends.

You have loved women, you who took Ariadne to be your bride;

you have loved men, you who boldly kept your promise to Prosymnus.

You have loved mortals, you who loved an emperor, a princess, a shepherd boy;

you have loved immortals, you who coupled with Aphrodite and Persephone.

Do you love any less the grape vine and the ivy

which you took for your own, or the leopard and the panther?

Did you not love even Pentheus and hope he would yield to your charms?

Shamelessly and without fear you have given and received the gift of Eros;

hopefully and without shame I praise you and pray you will share that gift with me.