Hymn XIV

To Antinous Hermes, Lover

You are not known for your loves, Antinous Hermes,

but you have not lacked them. Among the goddesses

you dallied with Aphrodite, Brimo, and Daeira,

sought Persephone, and called Peitho your wife.

Amongst the nymphs Penelopeia bore you

the great god Pan, and Carmentis went to Latium

with Evander, her son, the seed of a future empire.

Many were the mortal women whom you found desirable,

and there were men, too, especially Krokos, flower-lad.

You are he who woos with wit, who persuades with suasion,

who seduces with banter, who charms with speech,

lover of the mind and the mind’s lover, who shows us

how to join sense, sensibility, and sensuality, and

for this we praise you, Antinous Hermes.