Hymn XIX

To Antinous and Sabina

People of Antinous, let us honor Diva Sabina,

wife of Hadrian, Augusta, goddess, mother

of the Empire! Let us honor her as Antinous did,

as courtier to empress, as consort to spouse,

as a youth to a matron, perhaps even as a son

to a mother. People of Antinous, let us honor

Antinous even as Sabina did, as companion

to her husband, as beauty too soon lost, as

god by the gift of Osiris and the Nile.

Let us honor Sabina who was honored

in the city of Antinous and upon his Obelisk;

let us honor Antinous whom Sabina hymned

as god, who welcomed her upon her apotheosis.

Hail to you, Antinous and Sabina, loved

and honored by Hadrian, the new Hermes

and the imperial Ceres, Eros and Venus,

deus homo, augusta diva, avete!