Hymn XX

To Antinous and Serapis

Great Serapis, Osiris-Apis, Wesar-Hapi-Ankh,

whose Son is Anubis who is also Hermes,

bless your grandson, beautiful Antinous,

he who is one with Osiris, enthroned with the gods

of Egypt, and bless his worshippers, we who honor

the Greek ephebe who died in Egypt, him to whom

Bes and Djehuty gave a city, whom Hathor suckled,

to whom Harpocrates whispered the secret.

Hail, Osirantinous, the one who is made perfect,

who perfects his worshippers, triumphant in the West,

radiant on high, bringing red blossoms out of the black mud,

and hail to you, Serapis, grandfather of Antinous,

both of you the meeting-place of many gods.