Hymn XXI

To Antinous and Diana

Who is the man, or who is the god, who is favored

by Diana? Who can please the white-clad huntress,

swift of foot and swift of bow, chaste and just,

aloof and severe, surrounded by nymphs and

beasts of the chase? Only the one who, like Antinous,

also follows the hunt as master of the hounds,

who does not trespass on the goddess’ privacy

nor claim that which is not his right, the male

who extends his hand in friendship and delights

in comradeship, not scorning the fellowship

of woman or goddess, not despising the love

between women. Hail, Antinous, beloved of

Hadrian, Antinous Kynegetikos, favored of Diana!

Hail, Diana, goddess of Nemi and Lanuvium,

bright as the moonlight, mistress of the forest,

friend to those who earn her trust!