To the Treiskouroi

Where the people of Antinous gather, three youths

are honored above all: Antinous, the god, deified

in Egypt, worshipped throughout the Empire;

Polydeukion, the hero, revered by his family,

wise and generous child; Lucius Marius Vitalis,

athlete and scholar, first among the sancti.

Antinous we revere for his beauty, for the love

that he gave and received, and for his holy death,

by which the gods of Egypt made him one of them.

Polydeukion we honor for his youth and gentleness;

he knew the signs and passwords and came safely

before Persephone, having drunk of Memory’s well.

Lucius we remember for his friendship with Antinous,

his tenacity in scholarship, his joy in the hunt.

As Polydeukion and Lucius praise Antinous, friend

become god, so Antinous blesses Lucius and Polydeukion,

sanctus and heros, and in praising them, we praise and

bless Antinous, too. Hail to the Treiskouroi, the three youths

of most honor, revered in Egypt, Greece, and Rome!

May they be remembered around the world, today and always!