Laudes Antinoi


Praise to Antinous, the Bithynian Boy, the Man God, the Emperor of Peace!

Praise to Antinous, the Liberator, the Navigator, the Lover!

Praise to Antinous, the beloved of Hadrian, beautiful, just, benevolent!

Praise to the Liberator who frees us from our bonds,

who loosens inhibitions, unties the knots of memory,

and strikes down the archons who would hold us thrall!

Praise to the Navigator who crosses the heavens,

who shows us the way, who guides us across!

Praise to the Lover who is lovely and loving,

beloved of an emperor, passionate and loyal!

Praise to Antinous Osiris, Wesar-Antnus,

deified by the Nile, enthroned with the gods

of Egypt, ruler in the Am Duat!

Praise to Antinous Dionysus, the god who comes

dancing, the god who comes singing, the god

who comes rejoicing!

Praise to Antinous Hermes, herald of the gods,

speaker for mortals, host of the eternal banquet

where gods and mortals mingle!

Praise to Antinous Apollon, leader of the Muses,

giver of true prophecy, accurate of aim!

Praise to Antinous Dionysus, loosener of bonds,

bestower of freedom, giver of the vine!

Praise to Antinous Hermes, giver of meaning,

god of interpretation, loosener of the tongue!

Praise to Antinous Apollo, the cleanser,

the purifier, the laser light of truth and freedom!

Praise to Antinous Dionysus, the one who

went into the underworld and returned!

Praise to Antinous Hermes, the reliable guide

of souls!

Praise to Antinous Apollo, who shines his beams

upon the road!

Praise to Antinous Dionysus, lover of women

and men, who deified Ariadne!

Praise to Antinous Hermes, father of Pan,

father of Evander, lover of Krokos!

Praise to Antinous Apollon, father of Aristaios

and Asklepios, tender to those who yield!

Praise to Antinous with Hadrian, eromenos

and erastes, lover and beloved, emperor

and favorite, deus et divus!

Praise to Antinous with Sabina, wife of

Hadrian, the new Ceres, mother of

Roma and of Amor!

Praise to Antinous with Serapis,

Wesar-Hapi-Ankh, spouse of Isis,

meeting place of many gods!

Praise to Antinous with Diana,

the shining huntress, the mistress

of Lanuvium, guardian of the grove.

Praise to Antinous with the Tetrad++,

his children, his grandchildren,

defenders of his people!

Praise to Antinous with the Treiskouroi,

praise to Antinous, Lucius, Polydeukion,

god, sanctus, and hero!

Praise to Antinous with Mantinoe,

his mother, beloved of Hermes,

nurturer of the god and of his people!

Praise to Antinous Agathos Daimon,

the good spirit, the god friend,

the divine potential within us all!

Praise to Antinous Heros,

the beautiful boy who died too soon,

his beauty eternally remembered!

Praise to Antinous Homo Deus,

the man become god, the divine boy

with a mortal memory, the accessible god!

Praise to Antinous Imperator Pacis,

Emperor of Peace, supreme in Antinopolis,

city of peace and friendship!

Praise to Antinous Deus Amabilis,

the lovable god, the lovely one,

beloved and loving to his worshipper!

Praise to Antinous Deus Frugiferus,

the fruitful god, bringing forth

the sweetness of life!

Praise to Antinous! Ave Antinoe!

Praise to Antinous! Vive Antinoe!

Praise to Antinous! Ave Antinous!

This, haec est unde, this is where

life comes from: Haec est unde vita venit!

  • Merri-Todd Webster