Megala Antinoeia 2016 Approaches

Do you have a poem, a song, or some other piece of art inside of you waiting to come bursting out?  The Ekklesía Antínoou is welcoming submissions of poetry, hymns, songs, visual art, liturgy, and ritual in honor of the Megala Antinoeia festival coming up in just a few short weeks!


The Megala Antinoeia is one the more prominent festivals in the Calendar of Festivals for the Ekklesía, and it’s coming up on April 21st!  This is a festival that includes several elements that are observed together, including the athletic games instituted by Hadrian in honor of Antinous, the coming of Spring, the founding of the Temple of Venus and Roma Aeterna in Rome, bear hunts and the dedication of a bear pelt to Aphrodite and Eros, and the transition of Antinous into his aspect as Antinous the Lover.  It’s a smorgasbord of ritual possibilities!

The Naos Antinoou website now has a page up with information and some resources about the festival.  Check it out here, and check back as resources are added!

Please send us your submissions of poetry, hymns, songs, ritual or liturgical text, or visual art of any kind.  The submissions can be about the Megala Antinoeia specifically or one of its unique elements, or it can be about Antinous and any of his aspects or qualities.  Let your heart be your guide!  We’ll share the submissions on the Naos Antinoou website and facebook page in the week leading up to the Megala Antinoeia.

Submissions can be emailed to

Blessings to all who read this!!

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