Foundation Day 2016: Let the Naos Be Established

On this day, October 30th, at a bend in the Nile river called Hir-Wer, a new city was founded and a new cultus was established. Antinous had plunged beneath the waves of the Sacred Nile as a boy, but had emerged as a god. At that spot, the Emperor Hadrian founded a new city, Antinoopolis, and a new cultus was established to honor the human who had become a god. We, the devotees of the Beautiful Boy from Bithynia, the Beautiful, the Just, the Benevolent, who is our Liberator, our Navigator, and Lover, celebrate this triumph over death and transmutation from the mundane to the divine. On this Foundation Day in 2016, 1886 years after the founding of the original Antinoopolis, we re-found the city of Antinous in our hearts and in the midst of our community as we practice devotion to the god together. We re-establish his cultus as we stand before his altars, each a priest or priestess at their own shrines and in their own home temples.

Just as the sacred waters of the Nile worked their transmutation on Antinous, so too, do those waters have their way with the devotees of Antinous and communities that have come together to honor him. We look around and find that everything has changed. The past has died. The waters of the Nile have worked their transmutation. Like Antinous, we emerge from the waves triumphant and move forward as a new body, a new community, establishing a new temple. We move forward with hope and optimism as Naos Antinoou. May we always honor Antinous, the Beautiful, the Just, and the Benevolent. May we always fight for social and political justice for those who are oppressed. May we always look to Antinous to navigate us on a path of integrity, beauty, and compassion. May we always find blessings in our devotion to the Beautiful Boy from Bithynia and joy in our participation in his sacred mysteries.

Let Naos Antinoou be established!

Ave ave Antinoe!

Ave vive Antinoe!

Haec est unde vita venit.

5 thoughts on “Foundation Day 2016: Let the Naos Be Established

    • The three of us who were Magistrates of the Ekklesía Antínoou, Sister Krissy, Merri-Todd Webster and Duffi McDermott, along with Otter and Jay Logan, who are functioning as mystagogues, are moving forward as Naos Antinoou.

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    • Just to give some history and state things in language that doesn’t have as much flourish as the language in the post… The Ekklesía Antínoou was established by P. Sufenas Virius Lupus after e had some disagreements over core theology and practices with the leaders of another group e had been a part of and had helped establish in 2002. E left the Ecclesia Antinoi and founded the Ekklesía Antínoou in 2007, and served as the Magistrate until 2015. PSVL stepped down as Magistrate at that time and was replaced by 3 Magistrates, but e retained membership in the Ekklesía. A few months later e also resigned eir membership in the organization. This was all done without conflicts or ill will, but based on eir own decisions and consultations with eir gods. However, by July of this year PSVL had decided to cut all ties with the Ekklesía and has asked us not to use any of eir writings. This has a significant impact, to be sure, since, as the founder of the Ekklesia Antinoou, a large amount of our liturgical resources, hymns, and prayers, had their origin with em. In many ways we have found ourselves at square one, with the need to re-build our core liturgy and practice. As Foundation Day is an appropriate day for fresh starts and transformations, the 5 individuals mentioned in the previous comment have decided to re-establish ourselves and move forward with a completely new start as Naos Antinoou. It should be noted that we bear no ill will towards PSVL. We wish em the best in eir spiritual endeavors and we hope that e experiences many blessings in eir devotion to Antinous. I will post much of this information in a follow up to the Foundation Day post.

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