Hymn for Janus

An offering for the Noumenia.

Janus Bifrons

Janus Bifrons by NatasaIlincic

Hail to you, Father Janus, O two-faced god:

You who ever gaze upon the torrent of the past, the current of history’ making,

even as the present moment gives way to the possibilities of the future.

Hail to you Janus, Gatekeeper:

Who stood at the threshold of life when a young boy from Bithynia fell into the Nile,

who closed the door to the land of life,

and guided the boy’s ka through the threshold of death.

Hail to you Janus, God of Gods, Father of gods and men:

Who, before Saturnus landed by ship upon your verdant shores, was Time –

The Lord of Time; the ever moving ebb and flow of Time;

the pinpoint where all currents of Time meet and join…. and are still.

It was in that Moment that you encountered Antinous, beloved of Hadrian.

Saw that beautiful face which would soon enamor the Moon herself,

that gave you pause.

Here was a young spirit that embodied many of your own qualities, Father Janus.

Not a boy, but not yet a man – a flower plucked in the fullness of his youth.

A humble mortal, but touched with the seed of divinity – a man become a god.

A native, a citizen, a stranger – a god of many lands, but none to call his true home.

Beloved of an emperor of war-loving Rome, but one who sought to finally close the

gates of your two-faced temple passage – an augur of peace instead of war.

Antinous was the confluence of many lands and many traditions,

but was and ever shall be himself alone.

Not one thing, nor yet another, but always and forever both and none.

And among all the threads of possibility emerging from this young spirit, you saw the

queerest thing – the opportunity for Saturnus’ true liberation.

Not just for a season, or a festival, but real, abiding liberation,

a true return to the Golden Age.

And like that stranger god who came to Latium’s shores so long ago,

here was a god that would tear away all the fetters that bind and constrict the populace.

Here was a god that would guide his people to the realms of wisdom.

Here was a god that would defeat all the archons, all the masters;

Defeat every enemy of love.

So in that Moment, pregnant with possibility, you smiled down at the young spirit

before you and offered him a jar of fresh honey,

knowing that a taste of honey at journey’s beginning

would ensure that sweetness follows in its wake.

Hail to you, Father Janus,

God of omens and auspicious beginnings!

Bless your coming and your going, oh god,

on this day and all days.

©Jay Logan, 2018

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