31 Days of Devotion, day 10

What sort of offerings does this deity like?

Bring him red flowers for the red lotus that bloomed
where the lion fell. Bring him blood oranges, shocking
and sweet. Amber and storax, balsam fir and pine
smell like his curling hair. Wine tastes of his mouth,
but pure water refreshes all thirsts. Heap amethysts
and rose quartz, flourites and lapis around his shrine.
Play the music you will sing with and dance to, open
your mouth, your arms, your heart. Light a single candle
and call on his name, Antinous, Antinous, beautiful,
benevolent, just, and he will smile and turn toward you
and listen.

31 Days of Devotion, Day 3

What are some symbols and icons of this deity?

He is the moon rising in its fullness, Endymion
sleeping in the cave while Selene contemplates him,
and he is the dark moon hiding, concealed in
intimacy with the Sun.

He is the red lotus rising out of blood and mud,
death and failure, unexpected fertility and vitality
concealed in the muck of life. He is the spider
weaving connections between star and star,
god and mortal, heaven and earth.

He is the spear carrier who defeats the boar
and the lion and charges into the dark, and
the clear-sighted helmsman who guides a boat
through infinity, and the lover who is always ready
to share a beer, a glass of wine, a long conversation
in a quiet corner, a dance amid flashing lights and glitter.

He is the face of beauty itself, the embodiment of youth,
the curling hair, the serious gaze, the lush mouth,
the broad shoulders, the round buttock, the confidence
of embodiment, the crowned and conquering child:

He is Antinous.